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We suggest that if a vaccine is not affordable to the population at its current price, trials of the vaccine in that population run counter to the Helsinki Declaration.

The rotavirus vaccine costs US per dose and is administered in three doses.

Epidemics were long thought to occur only if the dissemination rate exceeds a certain threshold value.

In principle, epidemics in a scale-free network can be quashed by identifying and immunizing just the hubs. In practice, however, hubs can be very hard to find.

Success of the chickenpox vaccine highlights the different mindset in the developed and developing worlds : the vaccine has a very low incidence of side effects and treats a usually mild disease, but what sells it most, though, is that if your child has chickenpox, you're home for a week (can you afford to miss a week of work?! Creating a vaccine is expensive : a phase III clinical trial alone can take , linked to others with whom they have had potentially infectious contact.

In recent years, researchers have realized that disease spread can depend strongly on what this network looks like - on how the nodes are linked.

A major saving, we dare say, is in the provision of compensation for adverse effects, which is less likely to be claimed by the indigent population in poor countries.

This is what makes drug companies press countries such as India to change their law and allow unfettered research by foreign manufacturers.

Elsewhere, people are afraid of drugs and side effects, and prefer vaccines.

In such networks, infection does not travel as traditional epidemiological models imply.

Even slow-spreading diseases can reach epidemic proportions.

The administration of r IL-12 during some consecutive days initiated before immunization counteracts immunodominance thanks to a transient depletion of B cells, T cells, macrophages, and DCs in the spleen.

The introduction of rotavirus vaccination in developing countries is politically difficult in light of its withdrawal from use in the USA.

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The question of how many serious side-effects are acceptable to save a life has been discussed by us elsewhere.